Hello and welcome to The Declutter Hub from Ingrid and Lesley

You've come to just the right place! 

Let's work together to tackle your home room by room, one step at a time.

An organised, clutter free home is in reach! There will be...

PractICAL learning

All the tools, motivation and inspiration you need to succeed in your home.


It's all about understanding emotions and habits to give you long term success

Here's how it will all work!

The Learning

During our video tutorials, we are going to talk you through the important bits - things like preparation, emotions, organisation and storage. They will be available for you to watch as many times as you like. We will split them down into manageable chunks and add links so you can revisit the parts you are most interested in.

The Action

Now you've watched the tutorials, it's time for you to go ahead and put what you've learnt into action. Prepare mentally, stay focused and enjoy the process one room at a time! Decluttering isn't always an easy thing to do but it will be great once it's done!

The Success

Don't forget that vital final step - finish the job and enjoy the fruits of your labour! It's only when you step back and appreciate how less clutter makes you feel that you can go again at the next round. Focusing on space not stuff is so important to our wellbeing.

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