Welcome to The Declutter hub 

The focused, fun way to fast-forward your decluttering journey

Are you stressed out by the WAY clutter mAKES YOU FEEL?

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you always feel judged when other people visit you at home?
  • Are you depressed by clutter defining you?
  • Are you tired of spending time on decluttering projects rather than enjoying life?
  • Do your continual attempts to get organised leave you feeling deflated, demotivated and exhausted?
  • Do you feel guilty about how much money you waste buying things you already have?
  • Do you constantly feel overwhelmed by the thought of everything you have to do?

We're Ingrid and lesley

And We would love to help

If you're going to trust us to help you sort out your home, then you're going to want to know who we are and why we are the right people to help you along this journey.

Let's cut to the chase.

We are nice people - that's so important isn't it?

We care deeply about anyone who struggles with clutter. It's hard, emotional stuff and we get it.

We live, eat and breathe decluttering. In our eyes, the less clutter there is in people's homes, the better.

But to get to the core of what clutter is, why we keep so much of it and how to tackle the issue takes knowledge and experience.

And the good news is we have plenty of that. With over 24 years combined professional experience face-to-face and online, there's not much we haven't seen when it comes to clutter.

But decluttering is such a chore, isn't it? Well, yes and no. 

That's where the laughter comes in. We like to laugh with each other and with you guys. We want decluttering to be fun.

If something's fun, you want to carry on doing it. Well that's our aim anyway!

So if you want fun, focus and to fast-forward your decluttering journey, we are just the thing you're looking for.

Ingrid and Lesley x

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It sounds perfect, doesn't it?

  • You'll feel calm, content and in control
  • You'll save time not having to look for things
  • You'll save money not buying things you already have
  • You'll love coming home after a busy day
  • You'll be excited by guests dropping in

It's time to change the way you THINK

Can you believe this is the same room?

Before - a dumping ground

After - a useable, inviting guest room

Welcome to our Reset Your Home System

Thought by Thought

Focus on the emotions and habits that have been holding you back rather than jumping in and tackling 'STUFF'. This is our secret weapon!

Room by Room

Some rooms are easier than others to declutter - FACT! So let us guide you Room by Room so you don't get overwhelmed and give up.

Day by Day

Chores and tasks are what keep our decluttered spaces intact. That's where the Day by Day part comes in. How do you keep things tidy?


Fast forward your journey in our Membership

Want to know what our Membership is all about?

Jump on a Discovery Call with us. A free 15 minute no obligation chat with one of us where we explain how we can help and show you behind the scenes.

What will you have access to in the Declutter hub?

Reset Your Home Roadmap

  • A unique system
    Follow our step by step Roadmap to guide you towards success 
  • Take away the stress of not knowing where to start
    We've done the thinking so you don't have to 
  • Work at your own pace
    The Roadmap lets you declutter when YOU want to.

Comprehensive Training Library

  • Over 25 Step by Step Courses
    Pick and choose from over 25 courses to focus on
  • More than 60 Quick Wins
    Every week there is a new quick win to keep you on track
  • Exclusive access to challenges
    Access to all our 5 day decluttering challenges 

Fortnightly Member Live Q&A Sessions

  • Every two weeks
    Regular sessions so you don't get stuck and unable to move on.
  • Deep Dive into your individual circumstances
    Every home is different and every person is different so you can ask about things relating to YOU.
  • Be inspired by your fellow members in live chat
    Live chat encourages information sharing and community.

Private Member Only Forum

  • Open 24/7
    The forum is always open for you to seek advice from your fellow members and Ingrid and Lesley
  • Share your wins
    There is something very motivating about sharing your decluttering wins with other members.
  • Member only challenges
    Stay focused with Challenge of the Week and other regular member challenges.

Take a Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes

Take a proper look Behind the Scenes

Watch our Behind the Scenes video where you can see how all the parts of our membership fit together

A DECLUTTERED, ORGANISED home can change your life

So, what are you waiting for?

Make Progress on Day One

By focusing on the emotions and not the stuff, the lightbulb moments will happen and the clutter will start to disappear before you know it.

Follow a System that Works

The Reset Your Home System is at the heart of everything we teach and our step-by-step Roadmap gives you a goal, a structure and the results you want.

Never Feel Alone in your journey

There's something both empowering and comfortable about belonging to a community of people going through the same journey as you. 

DON't let excuses stand in your Way

Let go of those BUTs!


How often have you said that to yourself? Well, the good news is we have a tried and tested system and it WORKS. You don't need to flit around aimlessly from one room to the next and get nowhere because we have your decluttering route all mapped out. Our Reset Your Home Roadmap is going to take you all through your house in a way that will allow you to build up your decluttering muscle. You will Reset Your Home Thought by Thought, Room by Room and Day by Day.


It's not uncommon to feel as if you are the only person that truly suffers from being overwhelmed with clutter. But we're here to let you know there are a whole host of people out there who feel exactly the same as you. And it's important to go through a journey with people who get it, who won't judge you and will truly understand you.

BUT MY HOUSE is too small

Unless anything changes dramatically, it's the house you own! So let's learn to fall back in love with it. If your heart sinks when you walk through the door, it's time for you to control your house rather than it control you. Let's turn your house into a home that you want to be in and can feel proud of. Small but perfectly formed!

BUT I've declutterED so often, it won't work

You've read the books, watched the TV programmes and started in earnest every time, but somehow you never get to your end goal. You are now so demotivated it's making you stressed out and it's affecting your relationships. The good news is we understand, we get it and we are here for people just like you. 

BUT i'm the worse case you'll ever see

The truth is it doesn't matter where you're starting from. It's the end goal that's important. The Declutter Hub is a completely judgement free zone. What we care about is your journey, how you tackle your clutter in a way that suits you, watching your mindset change and your whole relationship with stuff take on a new meaning.

The Declutter Hub will help you

Achieve a clutter free home

We show you a tried and tested, realistic and practical decluttering process that works.

Save money

What you spend on membership you will save over and over by making better decisions shopping.

Be happier and healthier

It's time to start to focus on your wellbeing and health rather than your stuff.

Go on a journey

Focus on the destination and learn at every point from the experts and your fellow members.

Understand your emotions

We explain the barriers that are holding you back and teach you strategies to break through them.

Learn to RESET habits

Learn a system that works. Reset Your Home Thought by Thought, Room by Room, Day by Day

Don't take our word for it!

Read what our members have to say

I signed up for a year and have not regretted one single moment.

Before I joined the Declutter Hub I was stuck in a bit of a rut, knew that I needed to give the whole house a good turn-out but didn't know where to start. The task just seemed too big. The children are leaving home and I've never really been a tidy person and there is clutter almost everywhere in the house. I wanted to feel comfortable having friends round and not continually apologising for the mess.

My sister got me on to the wardrobe challenge in November and I loved it. I really liked the slow approach and the way you think things through before you start and get everything ready. When it came to the day we were allowed to actually DO it, I was unstoppable! I have several declutter self-help manuals but none had really worked for me.  I always gave up after a short time. This time it was different. My wardrobe has stayed tidy and I know where everything belongs now - even without labels!

I signed up for a year and have not regretted one single moment. The cost seemed at first to be pretty high but once I found my bearings on the website, I could see that it is really worth every penny.

The courses for specific rooms are broken up into little chunks so you can easily listen to them bit by bit. I often do this via headphones when I'm cleaning or ironing. The 2 best things are the Q & A sessions where you get professional advice for your personal problem every 2 weeks or so, so you don't have to wait long if you have a question. And the support in the forum. You can post as much or as little as you like about your journey. Everyone is very supportive and it's great to read about other people's decluttering experiences and share successes! I find other members' comments very motivating.

Ingrid and Lesley are very patient, understanding and motivating teachers. What I have learned so far - after 5 months - is that it's all down to mindset. The more you declutter doing the preparation that Ingrid and Lesley teach you, the better you get and the easier it gets. This way you get into good habits and learn how to keep things tidy in future. Preparation is key.

Let's face it, decluttering is not always fun and it's often hard work but with the support of the declutterhub behind you and others sharing your success, it's a whole lot more fun than it would be without.

Liz, Germany 

I can’t recommend Declutter Hub Membership highly enough.  It’s good value - because it works.

I’d had a ‘clutter’ problem for years. Bought all the books …. Marie Kondo, here we come. Though they helped at the margins, and gave me a bit of motivation when the book was new, the motivation soon deserted me again. I was stuck.

And then, I came across Lesley & Ingrid, and The Declutter Hub! How and where did I find them? No idea now. But I do remember it was nearly two years ago, and I’m so pleased I did. I also remember it was some weeks before I plucked up the courage to become a member. Because it is scary, to expose yourself to someone else. Books are nice and anonymous. They didn’t work for me, though.

I’ve found a number of things useful about The Declutter Hub. Lesley & Ingrid are so understanding, and so practical. (Funny, too.) They appreciate the underlying reasons for clutter problems, so their approach is anything but superficial. I particularly like their strategy for tackling the ‘easier’ areas first, developing a ‘decluttering muscle’, and then moving onto the ‘harder’ areas, finishing with ’ sentimental items’. This really does work! It’s so easy to be completely overwhelmed by clutter, and paralysed into inaction. Lesley & Ingrid give you a process to follow. They also give lots of encouragement. Decluttering can be quite a solitary process (for me, only shared with my closest friends), so it’s good to get praise for a job well done.

The membership gives so much more. It’s quite a community. International, too. We help each-other with both ideas and encouragement. It’s so good to be sharing ‘wins’ with our fellows - who understand the difficulties only too well. A shared, safe, space.

I particularly enjoy the fortnightly ‘live’ Q&A’s. These give the opportunity to pose your own questions - and get them answered.

Also, there’s always something going on. This keeps motivation alive … no chance to get bored! The challenges!!! We’ve just finished an ‘A-Z Challenge’, decluttering one item per day, with a different letter of the alphabet. And sharing the results online. Such fun. And at the end, at least 26 items decluttered. Wardrobe challenge coming up.

The challenges aren’t too daunting, which means you’re actually likely to do them. So easy to be overwhelmed by the size of the whole problem, the challenges break the task down.

I’m into my second year of membership ... gradually the clutter is going down, and I’m becoming more organised. The Covid situation is a bit of a help, as it’s giving me the time to go through things methodically. The one thing I’ve not really taken advantage of yet, is to complete all the courses. And there are a lot of courses! Lesley & Ingrid have obviously put a lot of thought and hard work into breaking all the decluttering tasks down into bite-sized pieces.

In summary, I can’t recommend Declutter Hub Membership highly enough. It’s good value - because it works. No point whatsoever in spending money on books that don’t work.

Is it different from what I expected? I would say ‘Yes’. But I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Thank you Lesley & Ingrid for devising this process & community!

Sue, UK

 I’m impressed by how much direct support and encouragement members receive

I joined The Declutter hub after listening to Ingrid and Lesley on their podcasts. They sounded fun and I hoped their realism and insights would help me to declutter methodically rather than piecemeal. I’m not a hoarder and I’m not hopelessly disorganised but we’ve lived in the same house for many years and superfluous stuff has gently but inexorably accumulated. I needed encouragement to tackle this overload properly and to make lasting changes.

I was nervous about committing to membership, but it has offered much more than I expected. The Roadmap approach is logical and detailed, based on years of professional experience, and the website offers a wealth of information. In my first months I’ve made satisfying progress in several areas and I can see the way ahead. I’m impressed by how much direct support and encouragement members receive and the live Q&A sessions make the Declutterhub membership a real community. Declutterhub works for me because Ingrid and Lesley cleverly make any decluttering project achievable and enjoyable.

Marilyn, UK

Their member site is fabulous - easy to navigate, access to TONS of stuff and a Roadmap

These past few weeks have been a struggle...so much going on...but despite all, I am trying to bite the bullet, knowing that when all the dust settles, there wil be light at the end of the tunnel. So, I did a thing yesterday! I became a Declutter Hub Member! And, I have to tell you, even though I'm not very commuter literate at all, their member site is fabulous.

Easy to navigate, access to TONS of stuff, and a roadmap for us visual folk, who like to have a visual guide of what to do and where to go.

I'm so excited to get started so I'm diving in, beginning with watching and learning and trying to retrain my brain, (because that's where it all begins really).

As military brat, moving 13 times while growing up, packing and unpacking was a part of my life. Combine that with living with my gramma, as well (while my dad was in Vietnam) who raised her kids during the Great Depression. DON"T THROW ANYTHING AWAY! So, there it is, boxes and repurposing, stacking and stashing, shuffling and stuffing.

I'm excited to see how this year will be different, and my soon to be empty nest won't seem so lovely, bit instead a well-loved reflection of my life, neat and tidy, comfortable and uncluttered. Have a look at the website and think about joining. Treat yourself. You deserve it!

Alison, USA

Tears of gratitude to you lovely ladies and everyone for keeping me focused and motivated

I am totally thrilled with where I have got to - from days and days of being paralysed with overwhelm to .. occasional hours on some days of being paralysed. It all now seems doable, I have learned just how this method works, and I've spent the time to get my equipment ready and systems for where things are going to go to. The most productive days were today and yesterday - wonderful what a deadline will do, especially when combined with an unexpected covid lockdown. So, tears of gratitude to you lovely ladies and everyone for being there to keep me focussed and motivated. Before and after photos follow. Well, to be more accurate - before and progress so far.

Jay, Australia

Who knew decluttering could be fun?

I happened upon the Declutter Hub when I saw on Facebook the Reset Your Home Challenge.  It was a fun and interesting week focusing on a different room in your home every day.  At the end of that challenge I became a member of the Facebook group.

Then Ingrid and Lesley offered the Closet Challenge.  I was hooked!  At the end of the Closet Challenge I decided I was curious enough about their website that I joined.  I chose the month by month membership and worked along for two months. Then in November, 2020, I committed to the annual membership. 


It's been a great decision.  In the 6 months of my membership Lesley and Ingrid have made many updates to the Declutter Hub...so many new videos and Quick Wins, expanded Roadmap, and Declutter Hub Podcast (it's free every Friday).

The best thing: When I have a question, I can send it in for the Q&A or discuss it in the forum and get loads of feedback from others in the same place. The Q&A sessions are really helpful and entertaining. Who knew decluttering could be fun?

Judie, USA

The Roadmap gave me structure in contrast to the haphazard approach before 

I had already started decluttering my house before I joined the Declutter Hub, so I wasn't sure how much value I would get from the membership. As it turns out, the membership has exceeded all my expectations. The Roadmap gave me a structure in which to approach decluttering, in contrast to the haphazard approach I had used before. 


As I listened to each topic, I decluttered and organized the corresponding items in my house. There were items that I hadn't even thought of, such as light bulbs and carrier bags. The website is well-organized, so if you are looking for a particular topic (electronics cords? makeup?) it's easy to find that course. There also are courses to streamline recurring tasks such as grocery shopping and cleaning. 


And I adore the live Q&A's, where Lesley and Ingrid answer questions that members have sent in. I feel like I am hanging out with two friends (who just happen to be experts on decluttering)! I sent in a question when I was struggling with giving away a set of heirloom dishes that I never use and didn't anticipate my children wanting. Lesley came up with the insight that I was probably looking for "permission" to give them away and that if I wanted to do so, that was okay. I had never thought of it that way, but she was absolutely right. 


Lesley and Ingrid are continually updating and improving the materials. I have been part of the membership for 1.5 years now, and there continues to be new content of value.

Deborah, USA

I pass every room with a smile on my face and contentment in my brain

Before I found The Declutter Hub stored, unused things were frustrating our spaces due to constant shuffling,  whether in the kitchen, bathroom, closets or shed. It was stressful mental and  physical pressure to do something about it so I tried to ignore it.


A podcast about sentimental items resonated with me so I checked out The  Declutter Hub and discovered it was hands on comprehensive guidance with  group support. I was hooked and am loving our home again!  

In The Declutter hub I have learnt that I am not alone. Connecting via the Membership Forum allows us to share  stories and have breakthroughs that lead to great habits. It feels good to not be  alone. I’ve accomplished so much and hope I am helping others.  

I was expecting far less than I imagined when I joined from The Declutter Hub. The education, guidance, support, learning and  camaraderie is powerful. It’s an online educational course that teaches needed  life skills...  

Now, I am enjoying just passing every room in the home with a smile on my face and contentment in my brain knowing that they are settled, comfortable and easy to  be in mentally and physically.  

Long term I want to use the tools I learned in the membership to sustain what I have accomplished  which is an uncluttered, restful, comfortable, visually appealing, easy to clean,  easy to find things home that reflects us and how we live in the present.

Thanks again for the tremendous opportunity for renewal you make available to  us via The Declutter Hub. I can’t say it enough that being a member is one of the  best investments I have ever made in myself and our home.

Angie Yorke, Washington, USA

We know joining a membership is a huge leap of faith so chat to us!

Jump on a Discovery Call with us. A free 15 minute no obligation chat with one of us so we can put your mind at rest that you're in the right hands.

A well organised OFFICE SPACE

Increase productivity and feel Calm 

What tools are available to help you declutter?

Our Reset Roadmap - We will guide you through your decluttering journey with our tried and tested RESET your home system.  Our Roadmap can be tackled at your pace and has hundreds of videos, showrounds of Ingrid and Lesley's homes, step by step courses and quick wins. Not only do we tackle decluttering room by room but we tackle the emotions holding you back thought by thought and what you need to do day by day to maintain order and routine.

Our comprehensive Online Training Library - We'll teach you how to declutter and organise every room in your house in huge detail. We'll teach you the tricks of the trade and discuss some of the psychology that may be holding you back. All our courses are delivered by video in short modules so you can take your time and work your way through things at your own pace. We've done all the thinking so you don't have to!

Quick Wins and Challenge of the Week - Sometimes, life gets in the way and you don't quite have time for a big decluttering project. If you want to keep the momentum going, our Quick Wins and Challenge of the Week are just enough for you to feel like you're making progress.

Live Q&A Sessions with Ingrid and Lesley - This is where we will get down to the nitty gritty and make it happen! We want to share our expertise and keep you on track and motivated so you get the job finished. Every two weeks we go live to answer your questions and it's always a lot of fun. Don't worry if you can't be available at a specific time, you can replay these at any time and as many times as you like.

Checklists and Worksheets for each course - Everyone loves a good checklist! We will make sure you have all the checklists and written worksheets you need to succeed on your decluttering journey. You'll also be able to save course content you want to keep safe in your own private area.

Our Private Forum  - This is a chance for you to share your wins, ask for help from the community and keep yourself accountable. The forum is the place for you to feel as if you belong to a like-minded group of people going through the same journey. And it's not on Facebook so there's no chance of anyone seeing anything you don't want them too!

Take a look at the courses we have for you 

Take a proper look Behind the Scenes

If you want to know what's on offer, here is a full list of the Room by Room and Day by Day courses in our Library and Roadmap

Not sure whether the Declutter Hub Membership is for you?

We want you to feel completely at home and supported on your quest for a clutter free, organised home so it's really important we are the right people to help you so we can get your journey off to the best start!

The Declutter Hub is perfect if you ...

  • Want advice and expertise in a supportive environment  
  • Want to invest time and energy into improving your home
  • Know that a decluttering journey is a marathon not a sprint
  • Want to change your mindset and attitude to clutter
  • Want to be lead and guided on your journey

You may struggle with us if you... 

  • Want a quick fix to your clutter issues
  • Don't have time to invest in your home
  • Want a guarantee of an instagram worthy perfect home 
  • Are not committed to change 
  • Don't take advantage of the different support available

A compAct but uncluttered kItchen

Create space to work

What makes The Declutter Hub different?


You get direct access to Ingrid and Lesley - two of the UK's leading decluttering experts. With 20 years experience and 1000s of projects under our belts, we LOVE what we do and want to share it!


Realism is our thing. We will cut to the chase and be honest with what works and what doesn't. We are known for being straight talking and intuitive!


It will be FUN! Decluttering makes you laugh, cry and everything in between but our goal is for everyone to have a positive experience in a supportive environment.


You'll be amongst friends - we all need a boost when things get tough and our community will be there to support you every step of the way.

It's time to get your house sorted and clutter free once and for all!

We have members worldwide so our pricing is in dollars but will convert to your local currency when you checkout. You can use this currency converter to check.

pay monthly

Full access to everything and pay one month at a time.

$39 per month

pay annually

Take things at your pace. 12 months for the price of 10.

$399 per year



30 day Satisfaction Guarantee

When you join us, we hope you are going to love The Declutter Hub Membership but if you don't feel you are getting value from us within the next 30 days, let us know and we will send you a refund straightaway. You are fully covered by our 30 day money back guarantee.

But we are pretty certain you won't once you get the decluttering bug!

Ingrid and Lesley

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I get one-to-one help and support for my decluttering?

I'm not sure I am ready to declutter. I keep putting it off.

I really struggle to get motivated to declutter on my own. How will this change?

I struggle to concentrate for hours on end so I'm not sure I'd manage a full course.

How does the Roadmap benefit me?

I always like to have something paper based to keep me on track.

I have kids so would struggle to watch the Q and As at specific times.

How long will it take for me to see results?

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Is there a difference between monthly and annual membership?

How do the live Q&As work?

I see your prices are in US dollars but I'm not in America. How does that work?

I'm so embarrassed about my clutter, I wouldn't want to go public.

Can I upgrade to an annual membership if I buy a monthly membership first?

How are you able to keep me motivated? I've read so many decluttering books but still struggle.

I don't need to declutter. I just struggle to get organised.

I might struggle to keep doing big decluttering projects.

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