Hello and welcome to The Declutter Hub from Ingrid and Lesley

Are you ready for a stress free Christmas?

Although Christmas is a lovely, special time of the year, the planning is immense. 

We're here to help you to have the most organised Christmas ever!

TAILORED, Expert advice

Video tutorials to give you all the tools you need to succeed.


Keep right on track with our decluttering checklist and note options.

We are going to take you through the 7 key areas you need to focus on this year to save stress, time and money.


Let's get started - how can we save money and stress?


We'll look at presents - intentional shopping is KEY!


Let's make wrapping those gifts and writing your cards a breeze


We want our homes to look their best for the festive season - there are things you need to do to make that happen.


Food and drink are a big part of any Christmas celebration so let's get prepared!


Decorating the house inside and out is the nice part so let's make it count.


And last but definitely not least, let's prepare ourselves so we can ENJOY the day.

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