What is the Roadmap?

What the Roadmap is

  • The Roadmap is a collection of Self Study Courses and Masterclasses structured in a way that takes you systematically through your home one room at a time.   
  • The primary purpose of the Roadmap is to teach you how to change your mindset and your home with tried and tested decluttering methodology.
  • By following our Roadmap structure there is no need for you to determine what's comes next.
  • The rationale for the Roadmap structure is that we tackle rooms and things in an order that means you declutter the easiest things emotionally first and build up your decluttering muscle step by step and tackle the difficult things at the end.

How do I make the most out of the Roadmap?

  • It is divided into 3 sections that follow the Reset Your Home System - thought by thought courses, room by room courses and day by day courses.
  • Be sure to do the Essential Info Before You Start course first, so you understand how the membership tools all fit together to give you the most successful decluttering journey. 
  • There are courses for every area of your home which you can work through one by one.
  • Each course is subdivided into lessons.
  • Courses are delivered by video and we recommend you watch some or all of the videos before embarking on your decluttering.
  • You can bookmark and favourite courses as you work through them. You can also take notes as you work which you can save or print.
  • You can mark a course as complete so you can keep track of where you are up to.
  • You can revisit a course as many times as you like.
  • The Roadmap is self paced so you can work though it at your own pace in your own time.
  • If you have an urgent need to do a room and you have not got there in the Roadmap yet, you can do the Library course instead. The content of the courses in the Library and the Roadmap are the same.
  • The idea behind the roadmap progress ticks is that you watch the course lessons and then do the decluttering and organising. Only then should you manually mark the course as complete by ticking the checkbox next to each section. This does not happen automatically once you have watched a course.

What the Roadmap isn't

  • The Roadmap is not for you if you want to tackle things in your own order and have a good idea of where to start. If that seems more sensible, choose the Library.
  • If you complete a course in the Roadmap, your progress will not carry over into the Library automatically. Although the content is the same, technically they are two individual courses. 
  • There is no live element in the Roadmap - everything is pre-recorded.