Reset Your Home Challenge – September 2020


Occasionally, we run mini challenges for non-members with day by day resources on how to successfully achieve a decluttered space in a specific area of your home. For those members who like the idea of a day by day process, we thought we would add it into the members' area so you can run through the challenge too at a time that suits you. Some of the information in these challenges is snippets from our courses which are much more in depth. Have a go at a challenge and do let us know how you get on!!

This challenge was all about the RESET Your Home System.

There is a workbook and video resources too. Take it day by day. The pop up facebook group mentioned in the resources will no longer be available but please take the chance to ask your questions in our forum chat as they arise. Good luck!!

Day 1 Monday - Kitchens and Kindness

Day 2 Tuesday - Garage and Goals

Day 3 Wednesday - Clothing and Choices

Day 4 Thursday - Paperwork and Procrastination

Day 5 Friday - Routines and Realism

Day 6 Saturday - Bonus Q&A Session

Lost your workbook? Download it here!