Life feels a bit crazy right now, doesn't it? Is now the time to take control of the things we can?

We are Lesley and Ingrid and would love to help you on your quest for a clutter free home!

Is your clutter driving you crazy?

  • You are stuck at home faced with your clutter but struggle to know where to start.
  • You want to find a positive project while you are at home. 
  • You know that decluttering is something that makes you feel great.
  • Decluttering has been on your list for ages but now you have time on your hands.
  • It's important to you to do something within a community of like minded people.
  • Now is the perfect opportunity to get your whole family involved in sorting the clutter.

If this sounds like you, let's get this job done while we have a chance... together!!

Do you have a room of doom like this?

 We can help you sort it! Hover over the image to take a look.

Let Lesley and Ingrid help you get sorted room by room! This is what we are tackling week by week...










Loft, garage or basement







Let's do this together!

For just $99 you will have access to..


Short videos talking you through the full decluttering cycle.

Access to a dedicated FORUM

To ask your personal questions, chat with others and share your progress.

Less clutter - Room by Room

We can do this, week by week, room by room. It's yours for the taking!

You couldn't be in safer hands

Thanks so much for all the inspiration and tips. I'm thrilled with one weekend's efforts. My husband wanted to know who the two ladies were that inspired me where others have failed. One of the reasons I love your podcasts, videos and advice is that you are so easy to relate to. I don't feel as if you are two perfect minimalists living in your white apartments with perfect children. You understand what day to day life is really like. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the course?

The 8 week Bootcamp is $99.

I'm interested in a membership. Is this course included?

In the Monthly and Annual Membership, we have a Roadmap which covers all the information in the 8 Week bootcamp and much much more. Members have access to any material we have created. If you are unsure which is the right option for you, you are welcome to book a free 15 minute discovery call.

Do I need to get involved in the forum?

The members in our forum are going through a similar journey to you. We are a warm welcoming bunch and getting involved will enhance your journey. Having said that, there is no need to if it's something you aren't comfortable with.

Do you have any other courses available?

I'm not very technical. Is it easy to use?

We have made our website and courses easy to use. We often get feedback about how easy our site is to navigate.

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