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The Roadmap is designed for you to take each stage in order. If a stage is showing in dark green, that stage has been marked as complete. If it is light green, that shows you are currently working on it, and if it is red, it is not yet available for completion until you have completed the previous course. Please note you will be able to complete the courses within the Roadmap by ticking the box manually, but you will only be able to manually tick roadmap stage once the previous stage is dark green. If you want to avoid following the Roadmap order, all courses are available within the Library for you to work on in an order that works for you.

The individual stages of the Roadmap will not automatically complete because it is designed for you to do both the course AND the decluttering and organising work before you continue to the next stage.

Essential Info Before You Start

Even though you might be chomping at the bit to get started, it's time to make sure you understand properly how things fit together.

This first step on your Roadmap is designed to help you navigate our website and understand how all the tools within The Declutter Hub fit together to give you the best decluttering journey.

This course will take you 90 minutes in total but it will save you oodles of time later.

If anything is unclear, you can pop along to our Tech Surgery to ask us anything technical that you're struggling with.

Good luck. Let's do this!!

Let's Get Started

Navigating the Roadmap and ticking off your progress

Welcome to the Reset Your Home Roadmap.
You're in exactly the right place and in the right hands.

We are going to take you through your home in an order that makes sense EMOTIONALLY.
It may not be the way you had in mind.

Trust us when we say you will have so much more success if you do it this way!

Take things one area at a time, day by day, week by week.
Take breaks, look after yourself, and good luck. We will be with you every step of the way!

To understand how the ticks work, you can watch this quick video.

Thought by Thought - Decluttering 101 - The Basics

Ok so now you know how the website works, it's time to get started on decluttering.

Let's say goodbye to some decluttering mistakes you may have been making in the past and set you up for success.

We're going to take you step by step through the foundations of decluttering within the Declutter Hub.

We like to call this Decluttering 101 - the basics. Whatever you do, don't skip this section! It's some of the most important info you are going to learn.

Let's Get Started

Room by Room – Kitchen

First step on the room by room part of our decluttering journey is our kitchen - the hub of the home for so many of us.

But why are we starting here?

Well, most of the decisions we make in a kitchen (not all of them!) are practical decisions about whether it is used or needed. There are far fewer emotional decisions to make in a kitchen than in other areas of our home and that is why we are starting here. We need to take the time to build up our decluttering muscle for other areas in our home.

So, the very best of luck, and as always, keep us posted!

Let's Get Started

Room by Room – Bathroom

The second project we want you to tackle on our decluttering journey is your bathroom.

It is where most of us start and end our days.

It is a room where we ought to be able to relax, where our children can play and where we need function and efficiency. So it's important to get it right.

In a bathroom we start getting into emotional territory. There are things in bathrooms that we keep longer than we need to, out of habit or for ONE DAY.

So, let's make your bathroom work well for you. The very best of luck and as always, keep us posted!

Let's Get Started

Room by Room - Linen Storage

Bedding and towels can be tricky to store and maintain in an orderly way.

There are so many different ways to store bedding and towels so it is important to think about a sensible system that is going to work well in your home with your family.

Having a logical, accessible linen storage area is critical for maintaining a clutter free and tidy home.

Let's Get Started

Room by Room - Bedroom

Time to tackle our bedroom!

Our bedroom ought to be a sanctuary where we wind down, relax and sleep. So it deserves to be a calming space, right?

It also has to function as storage for lots of the things we need every day, clothes, shows, toiletries, makeup and jewellery amongst other things.

Often we use it as overflow storage too for sentimental items, bedding and the like.

All in all, the bedroom has to work HARD so let's take some time to get it right.


Let's Get Started

Room by Room - Bulk Storage Areas - garage, lofts and basements

If we are lucky, we have an area (or several) in our homes for bulk storage. A place to put larger items or things we don't want to keep in the heart of the home.

Our bulk storage may be in a basement, attic, garage or shed but the types of things we keep there are similar.

But if they are outside the house, we should still take good care to make sure what we keep is useful and accessible.


Let's Get Started

Room by Room - Hallway

The entrance to your home may be large, small, spacious, at the back of the house, at the front of the house - they come in all different shapes and sizes.

But, one thing they often have in common is that they are often clutter hotspots that need to be tackled.

It's important to get the first impression of your home right - as much for you as for any guests.

Entering your home should feel like a pleasure and you definitely don't want your heart to sink when you open your door due to what faces you inside.


Let's Get Started

Room by Room - Books

Books are something that many of us truly love.

We have collections, they are special and we spend every day reading them.

But what do we do when they are overwhelming the space we have?

If our storage is overflowing, decluttering, organising or categorising is going to become necessary.

This is a tough category but one that ought to be tackled.


Let's Get Started

Room by Room - Toys

Toys are the bane of most parents' lives.

We want nothing more than our children to be happy and play creatively.

But sometimes the volume of toys can be a real problem and can overwhelm our homes to the point where we feel completely out of control.

So, it's time to create some order!


Let's Get Started

Room by Room - Random Things in Random Places

And then we get to all of the things in our homes that are left.

We are not big fans of the term miscellaneous so let's call them random things in random places!

For some people these things may be in an understairs cupboard or at the top of a wardrobe but there is no right or wrong place so we just want to make sure we leave no stone unturned!


Let's Get Started

Room by Room - Room of Doom

And now it's time finally for the Room of Doom.

The definition of a Room of Doom is a room that is so full that it is not fit for purpose and this is why is needs to be tackled at the end of the Roadmap.

It may be at this stage that you don't have a Room of Doom in your home, in which case congratulations, just tick this part of the Roadmap.


Let's Get Started

Room by Room - Sentimental Items and Memorabilia (SOS)

It's for good reason that we have left the hardest category till last. Sentimental items are not an easy category to work with and even though you may think that are contained, they can be found dotted throughout the house.

Work through your things slowly but surely at your own pace so you find time to ENJOY the process.

We keep sentimental items so they can evoke memories and reminders of special times years later so give this part of your decluttering project the time and space it requires.


Let's Get Started

Room by Room - Photo Organising

Now I’m sure you will have been chomping at the bit to organise your photos but this is a task and a half and the most important thing is it’s a happy project. It deserves to be done slowly so you can savour each moment. Listen to our guest, Mel’s advice, take it one category at a time and enjoy the process!


Let's Get Started

Day by Day - Daily Routines

You have decluttered every room in your house which must feel fantastic. Well done!

So now, it's time to start to looking at maintenance and routines in the Day by Day part of the Reset Your Home system.

Let's start by looking at what we need to do on a daily basis to keep our homes in order.


Let's Get Started

Day by Day - Laundry

Laundry is an essential part of life.

Often overwhelming, it is something that never seems to be done.

So it is critical to feel in control.

Let's look at how we can make laundry part of our every day routines so it doesn't feel so overwhelming.


Let's Get Started

Day by Day - Weekly Reset

If we manage to keep on top of our laundry and daily resets, we are one step closer to an organised home that ticks along like clockwork.

There will always be things that need to be done on a weekly basis too to keep things in order.

We'd like to introduce you to the Weekly Reset and explain how that differs to a Daily Reset.


Let's Get Started

Day by Day - Weekly Cleaning

Cleaning is something we have to do on a regular basis to keep your home looking its best.

If we can tackle this on a weekly basis, this means the task doesn't become so overwhelming.

Let's look at the things we need to consider when we plan a weekly clean.


Let's Get Started

Day by Day - Seasonal Life Admin

We are almost at the end!

There're things that have to be done every now and again to keep ourselves and our families moving forwards with our lives.

Every year, sometimes seasonally and sometimes not, there are things that we need to look at.

And we like to call it Seasonal Life Admin.


Let's Get Started

Day by Day - Seasonal Outdoor Routines

It's time to go outside!

If we are responsible for any outside space, vehicles or like to decorate our homes for the seasons, this can be alot of extra work.

We need to add seasonal routines for outside your home too.


Let's Get Started