If you fancy a day of delving into decluttering...

come and join our Open Day 



4pm UK, 11am ET, 8am PT, 2am AEDT

Join our 1 hour co-working Zoom session to get things done.

Here's a sample of what you can achieve during a Success Session

  • Do a mini decluttering project
  • Work on your daily reset
  • Do some life admin or some paperwork
  • Make a phone call you've been putting off


7:30pm UK, 2:30PM ET, 11:30AM PT, 5:30AM AEDT

Join our Q&A and ask us anything. If you have a decluttering dilemma, we can help you solve it. Here are the types of questions people ask.

  • Storage ideas
    If you have a tricky thing to store we'll give you ideas
  • Emotional struggles
    If you're struggling to work through something that's holding you back, we'll help
  • Donation and giveaway
    If you want ideas on how to pass on your item to the right home, we can help.
  • Learn from others.
    Often the most powerful questions and answers in a Q&A are things you've never even thought of. Questions asked by another attendees

CHAT ONE-TO-ONE WITH INGRID AND LESLEY 10am-7pm UK, 5am-2pm ET, 2am-11am PT, 8pm-5am AEDT

Let Ingrid and Lesley take you behind the scenes to show you how you can learn within the Declutter Hub

  • The Roadmap and Library
    The self-study element of our membership has 30 courses and 70 quick wins with a Roadmap to follow step-by step right through your home.
  • Member Forum
    A private member forum open 24/7 to share your wins, feel inspired and stay connected.
  • Accountability Threads
    Our monthly accountability thread help keep you on track - what do you want to achieve and why?

Short on time or busy on our Open Day?

You can schedule a Discovery Call with us. A free 15 minute no obligation chat with one of us where we explain how we can help and show you behind the scenes.

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